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Alice Louise Blunden is a London based Yoga Medicine therapeutic specialist, Spanish teacher, Teach First ambassador, passionate educator and life-long learner.

Alice was first introduced to yoga when she was fourteen years old. As a keen dancer, kitesurfer and skier, yoga became an essential part of her life; giving her strength during difficult times, confidence to fulfill her potential and helping her to recover from injuries.

Alice’s detailed knowledge of the anatomy leads to a strong focus on functional, intelligent movement and mindfulness in her yoga classes. She teaches group yoga classes at State Yoga and teaches yoga therapeutically to private clients recovering from injury.  She currently teaches the anatomy and physiology portion of the State Yoga 200 hour teacher training.

As a school teacher, Alice feels passionate about bringing yoga into the education system and has set up a project to connect yoga teachers with schools in London. Click here to find out more. Alice has also teamed up with Yoga Medicine to create a ‘Children’s Yoga Teacher Training’ that gives yoga teachers the tools to bring yoga into schools. Click here to read more about the training.

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