For Pupils

  • £60 per class (up to one hour)
  • Group classes up to 24 (16 or more pupils will need additional teaching support provided by the school). Also, class sizes will vary depending on the needs of the pupils. A discussion will take place with the school to confirm these details.
  • Yoga classes will vary from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the needs and age of the pupils.

Each class will have a focus theme (such as love, patience, kindness or connected to the relevant age specific curriculum). We will start the class by thinking about what this means to us. This will continue into a warm up that includes simple movements to connect moving the body with the breath. The next part of the class includes a fun, flowing yoga sequence designed to be age specific. From here we will practice standing and balancing postures that will require quiet attention and concentration and lead up to the peak pose. Sometimes this section of the class may include partner work or a game. The class will finish with a guided relaxation, visualisation, a calming breathing technique and meditation linking back to the theme.

For teachers and the community

  • £50 per hour
  • Up to 24 teachers (more can come but they will need to bring their own mat!

The classes will start with a guided mindful meditation practice including deep energising breathing techniques. This will lead into a series of mindful yoga sequences, including standing and balancing postures that will stretch and strengthen your body whilst calming your mind. Expect a strong focus on anatomical alignment and moving with the breath. The classes will finish with a deep relaxation and guided meditation. Music is optional and all necessary additional yoga props will be provided.  All levels of yoga are welcome.

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